Who develops this web page:

Well, if you see we are writing always in plural because we consider that this web is of all, and in more amount for all people that have written articles, games and computer applications that you can to download at anytime. Inmediatily i try to comment some members direct and undirect:

Jon Alava: i am and i try to mantenance of this web site. I do not like speak about me, for this reason i can not to coment anymore. If you want my biography i could send you. Sometimes there are people that send me an email for that. Along the time i could to write a lot of things that i developed and all the years i stay in the informatics's world.

Alfredo(feyodor): he is a visitor and sent us an email with a PDR about IA and sometimes send us a link that you can see in the links area.

Terminatorz : he sents some interesting article about IA.

Jtag: webmaster of RottenGarage that sent us documents about relationship IA, artificial life and virii.


We includes here too:

SAT of Fortunecity: they are always near about us when we have got a problem with server and they are that increment quality of servers for all visitors, and they are that inserts all the banners in the web page, but they needs to live too. Isn't it?

Visitors: because without you this page would not exists because it is destined for you. Greetings to all Center and South of America, that 1 of each 2 visitors who have visited this page until now is of there.

Antonio Bahamonde Rionda (university professor of the University of Oviedo), Marco A. García Tamargo, Mª Camino Rodríguez Vela and Jose Ramón Quevedo: thanks to these professor of Campus of Viesques in Gijón, University of Oviedo, that has contributed in many ways to enrichment of this web page in bibliographical orientation, good advices and moral support to continue investigating in this complicated multidiscipline science. You could find some of theirs works on this web and in the CIA (Artificial Intelligence Center)

To editors of My Computer colection in 1984 (USA 1981-1982) that

A los editores de la colección Mi Computer de 1984 (EEUU 1981-1982)
, they tauch me directly all this world and all the latest advances in this years. This collection, i think, was the best about Computer Science that have been sold in Spain and posibly in other many countries.