I try to respond some "what" questions...

What is the Artificial Intelligence?
Artificial Intelligence is a free web page, i.e: not money, that try to resume all the amount of information that any person can find on the net, usually in English and all spanish people can not to access easily. Now you can to read in two languages: English and Spanish.

What objective is persecuted?
Only to give information for nothing. But, how it is possible that can find people who does this for nothing?, i said, there are any persons that everything in the world does not move by money, sometimes, some of us we move against in the river of the life altruisticly. But, in this world if you do not earn money you cannot live, we works like all the people. If in the world could not exists the money, i think that were lived better, but this is an utopia, he he he.

How can i to colaborate with this web page?
Well, you can to do anything that has a relationship with AI that it is the main theme. You can write some lines comment about you have seen or visiting some expo where you can see latest technology, from photos of robots to projects in the University, Campus or near your job. If you works in an enterprise or firm and uses AI in yours products, you can publish in this web, sending us exact information about there and algoritmics, and so on.

What amount of money will can earn if i colaborate with yours?
Nothing. We not pay. Possibly a gratefulness mail more you name and data (if therefore you wish it) in the article or what you have sent more recognition of the rest of the visitors to your good predisposition to help other people.

What can i begin to see on this web if i am a inexperienced people about AI?

For this, i think that you see area of FAQ's (Forwards and Questions).