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> We have checked broken links to download section. Thanks for advise to Roberto and Jhojan.


> At last we have finished to translate (more or less) this web to English language.
> Data from last survey (population of 156 persons), a 29,4% prefer more information about projects, near 25% prefer games and 23% wants documentation. Far way are Artícles(10,8%), Biographies(5,7%), Links(3,2%) y Interviews (2,5%). For this reason we will found information during more time for the first three points from now.
> The data of another survey.

Do you think that public sector dedicates sufficient money for investigation for Artificial Intelligence?

1.) Yes 38 (18%)
2.) No 150 (72%)
3.) Unknown 19 9%

Well, the public sector will must to increase the amount of money for investigation of Artificial Intelligence if wants that the society change their opinion.


> Added new biographies
> Recovered some games like Ajewin2, invasion, poolsetup y Rivalwin.


> Added new biographies.


> Added new links and biographies.


> Added Chat to the web.
> Modified some little visual components on this web and included a new system to surveys.


> Change totally all the web. New year, new design.
> New award included: Second award to the web Casera. You can find in awards.

> New forum because the last has got a technical problem of Bravenet and we can not to access to the configuration.
> Added graphics cartoons on the net from main page.
> New document to Miscelaneus about a new mathematical model for informatics virus. Can see here.
> Saw all the links to the programs, projects and documentation and we uploading all the have been erased on the server.

All the older news have not been translated.