Ampliación del plazo de presentación de resúmenes de comunicaciones para las II JORNADAS DE TRATAMIENTO Y RECUPERACIÓN DE INFORMACIÓN (JOTRI) que se celebrará en la Universidad Carlos III campus de Leganés entre los días 8 y 9 de septiembre de 2003
Fechas importantes
· 22 de mayo 2003, última fecha para la remisión de resúmenes (500-1500 palabras).
· 27 de mayo 2003, fecha de notificación de aceptación.
· 10 de junio 2003, último día para el envío del texto definitivo de la contribución. web del congreso

· Recuperación de información
· Técnicas y herramientas de PLN aplicadas a la recuperación de información
· Clasificación y filtrado de documentos
· Automatización de la indización
· Generación automática de resúmenes
· Creación y manejo de ontologías
· Agentes personales
· Sistemas de pregunta-respuesta Call for papers II Workshop on Processing and Information Retrieval Leganés, Madrid, Spain, from September 8-9, 2003 For detailed information, please visit our web site: link

Important Dates Abstract submission (500-1500 words)
22 April, 2003
Full Paper submission
22 May, 2003 Acceptance notifications
27May, 2003 Submission of camera-ready papers
10 June, 2003 Subjects of interest
The conference will cover a broad set of processing and retrieval of information themes and applications, such as (but not restricted to):
· Techniques and Tools for Natural Language Processing for Information retrieval applications.
· Document Classification and Filtering. Automatic indexing
· Automatic abstract generation
· Generation and management of Thesaurus.
· Personal Agents and Searchers.
· Question-Answer Systems
· Semantic Networks
· Multilanguage information retrieval Registration fees Before 4th July 2003 150 EUR After 5th July 2003 200 EUR Presentation On behalf of the 2nd Edition of the Workshop on Processing and Information Retrieval (JOTRI 2003) Organizing Committee, I would like to invite you to participate in the II Workshop on Processing and Information Retrieval. The 2nd edition of this workshop will be held Leganés, Madrid, Spain, from September 8-9, 2003. The call for the 2nd Edition of the Workshop on Processing and Information Retrieval brings together workgroups coming from Information Science and the area of Natural Language Processing belonging to the world of Linguistics and Engineering. The interest of Information Retrieval comes from both, aspects of theoretical investigation and also from practical applications which makes it interesting, the possibility of creating an open forum to be able to debate and discuss questions that appear under both perspectives. In the workshop we will take a look at both of these perspectives with the aim of collaborating in making both lines of investigation more dynamic. We hope that through the presented papers, the conferences and the presentation of the projects we shall see the current state of the recent research and to be able of opening new lines of collaboration. Abstracts Submission Prospective authors are invited to submit Abstracts with 500 to 1500 words in Spanish or English. Authors should fill the form located at the conference web page