FAQ's(Forwards and Questions)


1 - What is Artificial Intelligence?

Well, in broad strokes it is a science that tries to the creation of computer programs for machines to imitate the behavior and human understanding. It needs to be able to learn, recognize and think. In the world of the cinema we are usually seeing Robots like intelligent forms and learn and they interact like be a humans, this is only on our fantasies, the Artificial Intelligente, AI from now, is composed in a lot of differents specialities. It is the same case that appears in the medicine, composed in a multitudinary branches and different specializations. The IA has the heuristic for to learn, robots for external peripheral that a IA can be to use to learn in a world that lives, Neuronal Networks, Logical, and so on. For to create all the framework of this Science, that includes multitude of different
facets for differents possible assignments.

2 - How will contribute the Artificial Intelligence in the future?

A lot of writes like Julio Verne thinks that humans can go to the Moon o under the sea, in this hand others like Arthur C.Clarke defends about the problematic that machines will think, in his robotic theoires like the novel The Bicentenary Man. All of this is an inflexion point to give us that some people can be to imagine may be reality in a near future. In the future will can to think and we will has some machines to work in a dangerous enviroments, for example, take rocks under the sea, on the moon, or put off a bomb. Routinaries works will can be to be done for robots or AI applications for computers or to our free time too. Inteligents machines will can to take the operations control with a big precision on the humans and others to repair space ships, search alternatives routes thinking on natural resources, or may be find errors in theorical formulates made by great mathematicians of our history (the student surpasses to teacher).

3- What has at the present time that has Artificial intelligence?

If we went out in a simple look we will be able to observe as the IA already has proliferated a little with respect to years back. Simply by the fact to analyze the blood we will have an application that allows to show to the possible causes of a disease used in clinics and laboratories, these Expert systems are very important for this type of things and as much save long time to the patient as to the doctor who treats it to be able to cure to him.
There are insuring companies that have applications that before an entrance of data for a possible client a table shows in which they are exposed properly ordered the possible insurances that can be made removed from a passed experience, and even, it advises on as he is the best one for the client and as for the insuring company.
In other computer applications we can appreciate like a detecting a gas pressure greater than supported the vigilant system is in alert and puts into action mechanisms to avoid possible catastrophes in nuclear power stations and/or thermal. The intelligent buildings allow to control to all the personnel by means of sensors of movement, cameras and to give to the alarm possible intruders, fires or simply lights without extinguishing. The police has computer programs that allow to recognize by means of patterns a person in a photo or a digital track, making the comparative one with million stored digital tracks or faces.
There are computer applications of management that allow to make movements of merchandise between branches of automatic form at the beginning of a new campaign all this by virtue of the made sales the last season, and to even advise on those who must be in a branch or another one by his volume of sales to take advantage of to the maximum the yield products and employees.
The pilots of huntings and airplanes have computers on board that they warn to them of all the details during the flight, even can to get to control the airplane in certain cases of maximum danger.
Some cars and buses have the GPS, that it allows to know to the conductor which the best route to arrive at a certain place. The traffic lights can be controlled by applications that allow to manage better the traffic according to the hour of the day and of the week in which they are, changing the times of delay or disqualifying traffic lights remaining in yellow. This last one mainly happens as of one hour in the outskirts so that the conductors do not spend gasoline and an unnecessary time when not existing traffic.
All this has at the present time, and these computer applications exist, some we have found them personally and other commentaries have done us of them, are in the inkpot other many examples, like the aimed ones in games and toys, tamagotchi, furbys, small robots, all these have algorithms included within the Artificial intelligence. And now, you believe in the importance of this science?